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Keemun Congou Black Tea

LOOSE TEA | Net Weight (100 g)

The Kung Fu here is not about fighting, but the exceptional craft, skill and effort required to plant, pick and process Black tea. While performing splits at the top of Bai Lin Town’s twin towers, the Kung Fu Master is learning the art of patience, perseverance and inner peace – qualities one requires to live in the moment and to brew a cup of tea.

How Special?

This single estate pure tea requires a disciplainary skill (Kung Fu) to produce, which directly contributes to its silkily smooth taste. Simply enjoy this tea neat, no milk and sugar needed.

Reasons to drink

  • Wanna stay focused and hydrated? Drink this all day long in your office.
  • Cold brew it overnight, it's a great cold beverage during or after a workout.
  • Nicknamed "Burgundy of tea", smooth and elegant.


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫
Chinese black tea
Woody and a charming man.
"Gan". An exclusive tea term to describe the pleasant bitterness with an uplifting sweet aftertaste.