8 sachets of our most loved flavours

ASSORTMENT PACK | Net Weight (16 g)


Favour8 – where flavor meets finesse. A handpicked assortment of eight diverse tea sachets, each radiating a unique taste sensation, Favour8 is an invitation to a rich tapestry of flavors, from the subtle to the bold. It's more than just tea; it's an experience, eightfold.

Here are the 8 flavours:

  • Mount Feather (Chinese green tea)
  • Lychee White Peony (Lychee flavoured white tea)
  • EverGinger (Lemongrass, verbena, and ginger)
  • Queen Berry (Berry fruits blend)
  • Duke’s Blues (Earl Grey)
  • Merry Peppermint (Herbal blend)
  • Beeeee Calm (Pure camomile)
  • Tiffany’s Breakfast (Black tea)