Winter WonderTea

5 sachets winter tea tasting combo

ASSORTMENT PACK | Net Weight (13 g)

EU Certified Organic
Once upon a time, somewhere in Germany, after their triumphant victory over the Army of Mice, Clara and her mighty Nutcracker Prince arrived in the Kingdom of Sweets, where they were welcomed by magical dancing snowflakes and the legendary Sugar Plum Fairy. 
The fairy rewarded their bravery with a celebration of dances: the Dance of Chocolate, the Dance of Coffee, and the Dance of Tea. Today, let us be the ones to unveil the magical teas that were once served to those heroes in this enchanted forest wonderland!

About this Festive Delight

Embrace the season's finest flavors with our Winter WonderTea collection. Featuring a curated selection of five winter teas - Our Gingerbread Orange tea is perfect for savoring by the fire, while our Apfelstrudel adds a festive touch to any holiday gathering. For those who love the bold flavors of spice black tea, our The Secret Life of Chai is a must-try. Further complemented by our cozy warmth of EverGinger and the one and only nutty & musky A Night at the Gentlemen’s Club, there's a tea for every mood and occasion.

  • Gingerbread Orange (Fruit blend with herbs and spice)
  • Apfelstrudel (Fruit blend with herbs and spice)
  • EverGinger (Herbal blend with Ginger)
  • The Secret Life of Chai (Black tea with spice)
  • A Night at the Gentlemen's Club (Hazelnut flavoured Lapsang Tea)