The Superhero Recipe

Immune Strengthening · Anti-inflammatory · Reduces Oxidative Stress

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Bursting with nature’s finest immune boosters, vitamin C and beta carotene, The Superhero Or Tea? HealTea Juz is one of the best healthy morning drinks to wake you up.



Queen Berry (1 sachet in 200ml cooled)
+ Orange (1pc) / Apple (1pc) / Carrot (3 medium chopped) / Grated ginger for garnish


Star of the Show

Oranges are renowned for their vitamin C content and they can help reduce the risk of heart disease, kidney stones and support your immune system. They also boost good digestion and have alkalising and detoxifying properties. Oranges are particularly high in soluble fibre, which helps lower cholesterol levels.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away,  and they have been celebrated since antiquity for their health benefits! High in pectin (soluble fibre) and slow-release sugars they help to improve heart health and regulate the body’s sugar levels.


How to make?

Steep an Or Tea? Kung Flu Fighter sachet in a cup with 200ml boiling water, set aside and leave to cool - or add an ice cube. Run all of the ingredients through your juicer. Pour the juice and tea into a tall glass, give it a stir and garnish with a little grated ginger.


Nutritional Facts

Amount per serving

Carlories 230
Total Fat 1.5g
Total Carbohydrates 58g
Protein 5g
Fibre 12.8g

Make yourself a The Superhero now...

Make yourself a The Superhero now...