Monkey Pinch
Monkey Pinch

Premium Chinese Tea | Monkey Pinch

According to legend, Monkey Pinch (also known as Tie Guan Yin) is a rare species of Oolong tea growing only on remote cliffs. The story has it that monkeys were trained to pick them, pinch by pinch. It’s just a myth of course, but with our blend infused with the scent of peach, even a monkey would trade his beer for this delicious cup of Oolong tea!

* Refill pack is with no peach flavouring

Ingredients Oolong Tea, Peach Flavouring
Aroma A peachy scent that lingers
Flavour Briskly Sweet with a strong aftertaste unlike the rest.
Caffeine Level

  • Water
  • Tea Leaves
    1 Teaspoon
  • Temperature
  • Brewing Time
    5-7 minutes