PomPomelo • Theeblik

Citrus Flavoured Black Tea

LOSSE THEE | Nettogewicht ( 75 g )

EU Certified Organic
Wonder Woman is no match for me. Neither is Cupid. I’m the vigilante of love on a mission to mend broken hearts. A single sip of this citrusy elixir sends me into the stratosphere where I wave my precious PomPomelo, and shower everyone with a potion of joie de vivre. Thereupon, the world is enchanted with my love.

How Special?

Probably the best representation of a modern classic tea - Black tea scented with pomelo aroma, combined with refreshing herbs, flowers, and fruit to create this complex yet simply delicious citrus black tea.

Reasons to drink

  • If you can find a better blend to make iced tea with, I am curious to know.
  • Drink it as a non-alcoholic aperitif to help cleansing your palate before your scrumptious meal.
  • Best dehydrating agent - simply because it is so delicious and you easily drink 10 cups a day. 😎


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪