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Green Tea with Ginseng

LOSSE THEE | Nettogewicht ( 75 g )

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EU Certified Organic
Back in the Ming Dynasty, Ginseng Green Tea is the tea served to the imperial family. Premium Green Tea infused with Ginseng root, brings the best of both worlds in a cup. Ginseng Beauty will make you beautiful inside and out.

Hoe bijzonder?

Contains real Ginseng, the root of a specific type of plant that helps to enhance circulation.

Redenen om te drinken

  • This blend helps to increase your metabolisim, you can no longer hide your inside-out beauty.
  • Green tea loads you up with antioxidant.
  • With a unique bitter-sweet taste.


 Cafeïnegehalte ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪

Green Tea, Liquorice root, Lemongrass, Natural Ginseng Flavouring, Ginseng root.
A Breath of Fresh Ginseng.
A very distinct sweet aftertaste that lingers.