Rainbow Box

20 Or Tea? Specialty Tea sachets in an artsy designed box.

ASSORTMENT PACK | Net Weight (46 g)


A vibrant celebration of flavors brought together in one delightful collection! Unveil a spectrum of 20 unique sachets, each encapsulating a distinct taste that promises to enthrall your palate. From the familiar favorites to exciting new discoveries, every sachet is a journey through the world of flavors. Whether you're exploring it for the first time or revisiting beloved tastes, the Rainbow Box promises a flavorful adventure with every sachet. Dive in and taste the rainbow!

Here are the 20 flavours:

  • African Affairs (Rooibos with cocoa and raisins)
  • Beeeee Calm (Pure camomile)
  • CuBaMint (Cucumber, basil, and mint blend)
  • Detoxania (Herbal green tea)
  • Dragon Jasmine (Jasmine green tea)
  • Duke’s Blues (Earl Grey)
  • EverGinger (Lemongrass, verbena, and ginger)
  • Ginseng Beauty (Ginseng green tea)
  • Kung Flu Fighter (Eucalyptus and herbal blend)
  • La Vie En Rose (Chinese black tea with rosebuds)
  • Lychee White Peony (Lychee flavoured white tea)
  • Merry Peppermint (Herbal blend)
  • Mount Feather (Chinese green tea)
  • Peach Monkey Pinch (Peach flavoured Oolong tea)
  • The Playful Pear (Pear flavoured green tea)
  • Queen Berry (Berry fruits blend)
  • The Secret Life of Chai (Black tea with spice)
  • Tiffany’s Breakfast (Black tea)
  • TropiCoco (Tropical fruit Maté tea)
  • Yin Yang (Coffee flavoured black tea)