Towering Kung Fu
Towering Kung Fu

Premium Chinese Tea | Towering Kung Fu

The Kung Fu here is not about fighting, but the exceptional craft, skill and effort required to plant, pick and process Black tea. While performing splits at the top of Bai Lin Town’s twin towers, the Kung Fu Master is learning the art of patience, perseverance and inner peace – qualities one requires to live in the moment and to brew a cup of tea.

Ingredients Black Tea
Aroma Woody and earthy…like a charming man.
Flavour "Gan". An exclusive tea term to describe the pleasant bitterness with an uplifting sweet aftertaste.
Caffeine Level

  • Water
  • Tea Leaves
    1 Teaspoon
  • Temperature
    100 °C
  • Brewing Time
    3-5 minutes