The Origin of Tea

The Origin of Tea

Feb 01, 2023Or Tea Europe T Ladies

Yes, the first cup of tea was discovered in China. Not the UK, not India.

In some 5,000 odd years ago, the Chinese emperor Shennong was meditating under a tree and drinking his usual cup of boiling water. This time, some leaves from atree was accidentally blown into his cup, and as a renowned herbalist himself, he decided to leave the leaves infused in the cup which eventually became the tea that we are all familiar with today.

This tree is called Camellia Sinensis.

Like coffee comes from one plant called Coffea which coffee beans are made out of, tea comes from a tree called Camellia Sinensis which grows a particular type of leaf that is super rich in catechins, the major source of antioxidants. Strictly speaking, if any so-called teas are not coming from Camellia Sinensis, they cannot be classified as tea.

As a specialty tea brand, a big part of the Or Tea? assortment consists of the origin of tea:

Chinese Tea

We have selected some of the most iconic flavours represented in our Classic Chinese Tea, injected a few with a modern touch and turned them into Contemporary Chinese Tea. We are honoured to have this opportunity to share these special creations to the modern generation, enjoy each and every one of the healthy cup in different tastes, styles, and stories.


Let's try some real tea, shall we?

Classic Chinese Tea

Discover the vastness of China's tea traditions with each sip, experiencing flavors that have been cherished and perfected for centuries. Each of these teas offers a unique experience, capturing the essence of the regions from which they hail and catering to diverse tastes. Whether you're seeking the gentle embrace of white tea or the profound depth of Pu'er, our classic collection has something for every tea lover.

Contemporary Chinese Tea

Step into the vibrant and innovative spirit of modern China with our Contemporary Chinese Tea collection. Merging the time-honored traditions of classic tea cultivation with the playful infusion of natural fruit aromas, this range celebrates the delightful union of old and new. Perfect for those who crave a fresh twist on the conventional, these teas encapsulate the adventurous heart of contemporary Chinese tea culture.

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