That ancient drink that makes grandmas smile and yogis say, “Namaste.”Yet, in the era of Instagrammed lattes, tea started feeling like that awkward cousin overlooked at family gatherings. We pondered, "Why let this cool (or hot) dude be overshadowed?" This epiphany struck us deeply, shaping our mission -

Rejuvenating this timeless beverage and make it the go-to choice for today's generation.

A Name with a Mission

You've often heard the question, "Coffee Or Tea?", especially aloft as cabin crews make their rounds. But what if we subtracted coffee from this catchy query? Our brand name, Or Tea?™, is not just a playful twist on words, but an invitation. A nudge to reflect, embrace a healthier alternative, and celebrate the delightful world of tea.

Our Brewprint for the Next Gen Tea Drinkers

The Art

Captivating aesthetics meet thoughtful concept.

The Voice

Amplifying positivity in every cup.

The Heart

Crafting unparalleled quality, with passion.

The Good

Brewing with purpose, upholding our social commitment.


Love at first sight. Isn’t that how every romantic love story begins? Our tale starts with the allure of the eyes before enchanting the taste buds. We've woven contemporary art into each exquisite flavor we offer. Each pack not only promises a delightful brew but also unfolds a light-hearted story through its design. It’s an immersion - where every sip is accompanied by colourful illustrations and tales that come alive. It's simply a brew-tiful fusion blending art and flavour into one.


At Or Tea?, every brew unfolds a story that goes beyond mere flavours and aromas. We're passionate about sprinkling a dash of positivity into every tea tale we share. Our deliberate marketing endeavors and spirited social media presence aren't merely about branding and promotion; they're our channels to uplift, inspire, and kindle meaningful conversations. It's not just about the sheer joy of a cup with Or Tea?™. It's about crafting a better, brighter world, one brew at a time.

I AM • THEM | Brand Video


Unparalleled quality is in every single of our brew. We simply want the best for our customers. We pour our heart into sourcing the finest whole leaf teas and blend them with exotic ingredients from all around the world. This isn't just a process — it's our craft, our dedication. While we might not match supermarket prices, we guarantee that the love, care, and commitment to excellence in every cup makes it more than worth the brew. After all, Or Tea?™ is never meant to be for the faint of heart.


Our dedication to social responsibility is a journey, not just a destination. We begin with organically grown loose teas, blending them with the purest ingredients, and packaging them into reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials. But our commitment doesn't end with the environment. It extends to the community, entrusting our final assembly to the hands of underprivileged workers. While the path to complete sustainability is challenging, we believe that by contributing our modest efforts together with yours, we can make our world a better place.

Live Happier with Or Tea?

Turning tea into a fun lifestyle for the cool folks of today – that's our vibe!
Drawing from centuries of tea traditions, Or Tea?
serves the modern soul.
We blend top-quality tea with splashes of art, hints of humor, and heaps of heart.
And while we're on our journey, every sip nudges us closer to a kinder world.
Dive in, and let Or Tea?
sprinkle a little joy into your day!