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Discover our 26 specialty blends, stylishly packaged in 4 artsy manners.
Tin Canister

Tin Canister

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10-Sachet Box



Gift Combos

Gift Combos

How may we help to choose your tea?

With our thoughtfully curated range, we aspire to guide every tea enthusiast on a personal journey of flavours and sensations. Whether you seek a timeless classic or a new favorite, let us help you find the tea that speaks to your soul.

In Or Tea?, you LOVE.

Love at first sight may be rare, but love at first sip is all too real with Or Tea?™. Our premium loose leaf teas are crafted with unique elements to create unforgettable moments. So why settle for second best when you have it all with Or Tea?™?
Premium whole leaf loose tea blended with different exotic ingredients from around the world.
​Each flavour comes with commissioned contemporary art and a story to create the emotional bond.
​Signature blends and their applications to spark joy in tea
Every little steps counts - We only use organically grown loose teas and ingredients, packaged in reusable tin canisters and biodegradable filters, before the final products are assembled by under-privileged workers. ❤

Tea is always a good idea!

Tea is a timeless gift, universally cherished for its rich flavors and soothing qualities. Suitable for any occasion, it offers recipients a moment of relaxation and a world of diverse tastes. Gifting tea is like sharing a warm hug in a cup.

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Fun with T

What's the T really? Venture beyond the sip and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of tea. Dive into captivating subjects, unraveling the mysteries, tales, and timeless charm of this beloved brew. Let's brew some fun and knowledge together!

HealTea Juz & Smoofy

Where the nurturing essence of our premium teas meets the expertise of the acclaimed yogi and nutritionist, Ms. Ross Beckley from Maison de Lunel. Dive into a curated collection of beverages that not only tantalize the taste buds but also promise a journey of well-being and balance.
Keep hydrated all day with

HealTea Juz

Boost your vitality with

HealTea Smoofy

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