Rainbow Mini - Classic

12 Or Tea? Specialty Tea sachets in an artsy designed box.

ASSORTMENT PACK | Net Weight (26 g)

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Step into a timeless journey of taste with the 'Rainbow Mini - Classic'. This collection features 12 of our most cherished classic teas, each a testament to the enduring legacy of traditional brews. Encased in a gracefully designed box, every sachet invites you to relive the classics, sip by elegant sip.

Here are the 12 flavours:

Classic Chinese Tea

  • Dragon Well (Long Jing green tea)
  • Mount Feather (Chinese green tea)
  • Dragon Jasmine (Jasmine green tea)
  • Towering Kung Fu (Keeman Congu black tea)
  • La Vie En Rose (Chinese black tea with rosebuds)

Contemporary Chinese Tea

  • Lychee White Peony (Lychee flavoured white tea)
  • Peach Monkey Pinch (Peach flavoured Oolong tea)
  • The Playful Pear (Pear flavoured green tea)
European Classics
  • Tiffany's Breakfast (Black tea)
  • Duke's Blues (Earl Grey)
  • Merry Peppermint (Herbal blend)
  • Be Camomile (Pure camomile)