The Playful Pear • Sachet Box (Pyramid)

Pear Flavoured Green Tea

10 PYRAMID SACHETS | Net Weight (20 g)

They say that happiness only exists when you can play together with a partner. We applied this philosophy when making this special blend by combining a joyful pair together, Pear and Green Tea, together to create a unique yet playful taste. It's simply pear-fect!

How Special?

For those who is not a fan of the vegetal taste of green tea but still want to be benefited from its rich antioxidant, pear flavouring does the magic here.

Reasons to drink

  • If you are new to green tea, this blend is a good option to get you trained up.
  • Pear flavouring to overcome the bitterness in case you over brew the tea.
  • 1 of our 3 contemporary Chinese teas.


Caffeine Level  ⚫
Green tea, Pear flavouring, Marigold petals
A crisp and blossomy bouquet with a lingering scent of
ripe pears that's fresh and delightfully playful.
Distinctive taste of succulent pear balanced by an enticing finish of green tea.