Long Life Brows • Sachet Box

White Silver Needle

10 SACHETS | Net Weight (15 g)

The auspicious name of this tea comes from the elegant shape of the leaf, which looks so much like the eyebrow of the Taoist deity of longevity. Also known as White Silver Needles, this white tea is a treasure amongst all teas you can find because of its rare harvest and only the most tender part of the buds can be used.

How Special?

There is a reason why they call it Champagne of Tea in China. Well, it also reflects on the price too.

Reasons to drink

  • Another antioxidant superpower house on par with green.
  • Show off your impeccable taste, serve this to the very special guests.


    Caffeine Level  ⚫
    White  tea - White Silver Needles
    Lemonish at first sniff. Followed by pleasant fragrance of premium dried Chinese mushroom.
    Fresh and uplifting. Feels like strolling through a sunny forest in a Spring afternoon.