Twisted Pu'er • Sachet Box

Puerh Tea

10 Sachets | Net Weight (20 g)

Pu’er tea is a unique fermented dark tea, mostly paired with greasier food like Chinese Dim Sum. It is unofficially documented that Pu-Erh tea helps digestion and contribute to weight loss. However, Slimming Pu’er is only a name that reflects a state of mind. If you want to slim down, get in the swing, spin the hoop and start working out!

How Special?

It's the tea to pair with greasy food. Micro-organisms developed during the fermentation will stimulate the healthy bacteria in our stomach to aid digestion.

Reasons to drink

  • It's a fat burning tea - Google it!
  • Best alternative to wine when having cheese – Try it!
  • Aged Pu-Erh can be more expensive than a Château Lafite Rothschild.If you can find a better blend to make iced tea with, I am curious to know.


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

Pu-Erh Tea - Tea with a special fermentation.
Earthy, woody, pleasantly smoky, with a hint of Chrysanthemum.
Very mellow, full bodied, with a sweet and floral aftertaste.