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Jasmine Green Tea

LOOSE TEA | Net Weight (75 g)

EU Certified Organic
The choicest leaves are harvested during mid-Summer and many stringent steps are then applied to ensure the refreshing floral fragrance is fully infused into the tea. This is a tea so precious, even the dragons have given up chasing the good old flaming pearl.

How Special?

It is the most popular green tea outside of China, thanks to its endearing fragance from the jasmine flowers.

Reasons to drink

  • This tea is super elegant and delicate. Brew it with care or it turns bitter on you.
  • Nicknamed Fragrant Fragment【香片-Heung Pin】in China, you can imagine how pleasant its scent is.


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫⚪⚪
Chinese Green Tea
Just like fresh jasmine.
A full-bodied green tea with a refreshingly sweet taste, followed by a pleasant jasmine aftertaste that lingers.