The Secret Life of Chai • Tin Canister

Black Tea with Spice

LOOSE TEA | Net Weight (100 g)

EU Certified Organic
With an exotic, strong yet sweet character, The Secret Life of Chai pays homage to India’s independent women who are making their mark in all levels of society. Cherished for centuries, this Chai is a unique blend of tea, herbs and spices – perfect for ladies (and urban metrosexuals) who appreciate the finer things in life.

How Special?

Traditional ingredients with a little twist to give you the most authentic taste of Chai from the Incredible India!

Reasons to drink

  • Make your own kind of Chai latte at home.
  • Must-have tea for winter.
  • Due to the scent of spice, it is a very popular Christmas tea. Try it out with Nim Jiom herbal honey - best remedy to your itchy throat.


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪

Black tea*, Ginger*, Star Anise*, Orange peel*, Cardamom*, Clove*, Natural flavouring.
Like a cozy blanket that wraps the senses in exotic spices and a whiff of citrus.
Bold and spicy with refreshing notes that make your taste buds sing.