Lychee White Peony • Sachet Box (Pyramid)

Lychee Flavoured White Tea

10 PYRAMID SACHETS | Net Weight (20 g)

In Chinese mythology, White Peony is the prettiest courtesan who likes to tease her clients with her dazzling beauty. That’s why we present you one of the most popular white teas in China, scented with an alluring hint of Lychee. This king of fruit enhances the tea’s floral fragrance to tantalize your taste buds.

How Special?

We call it the Earl Grey of the orient. Top seller across different markets.

Reasons to drink

  • The least processed tea which contains lower level of caffeine but still holding a great amount of antioxidant.
  • Pleasant and light, appealing to all tea drinkers. It is simply fashionable.
  • 1 of our 3 contemporary Chinese teas.
Caffeine Level  ⚫
White tea, Rose petals, Lychee flavouring.
A hint of mild peony.
Smooth, velvety, delicate, refreshing with a malty finish that lingers.