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Earl Grey

LOOSE TEA | Net Weight (100 g)

EU Certified Organic
Traditional Earl Grey is mundane. Make life more exciting by adding a bit of fun into our routine activity. The fragrance of Bergamot and exotic Blue Cornflower Petals do the magic here. Make sure you have a cup of tea before you leave next time.

How Special?

Who would you say is the master of fragrance? Correct, the French. The bergamot essential oil used in our Earl Grey is Fabriqué en France.

Reasons to drink

  • A pleasantly balanced bergamot note to please your nose before your taste buds.
  • Versatile - can be drunk with milk, lemon, honey, or as it is.
  • High tea must have. Best pairing with cakes and pastries.


Caffeine Level  ⚫⚫⚫

Black tea, Cornflower, Bergamot and Lemon flavouring.
Citrus-like, like being on a Mediterranean island.
A fresh trace of bergamot scent that lingers.